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Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders – Asia Pacific

AHAD-AP (previously known as Asia Pacific Haemophilia Working Group) is an independent group of health care professionals involved with haemophilia care from the Asia Pacific region. Its goal is to enhance care for people with haemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders in the region through education, training, research and advocacy. It works in collaboration with the World Federation of Haemophilia and is governed by a Steering Committee.
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Membership in AHAD-AP is Open to all healthcare professionals in the Asia Pacific region who are working and interested in haemophilia and allied disorders.



The Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders - Asia Pacific (AHAD-AP) was formed in 2014 as an independent

Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives

"To improve care for people at risk for haemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders in the Asia Pacific Region"


The AHAD-AP is currently managed by a Steering Committee led by appointed Chair, as well as different standing committees.


Activities to date have been funded by educational grants from Baxalta, now part of Shire. Diagnostica Stago has fully


Documentation of demography, diagnosis and outcomes data is critical for good management of people with bleeding


Comprehensive Care Workshop at Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Mar 2019 and Basic Coagulation Workshop at Phnom Penh

Latest News

AHAD-AP Booth at ISTH 2024


Joint AHADAP-ISTH Session at ISTH 2024


Sukesh C Nair: WFH International Healthcare Volunteer Award




September 6, 2024 - September 8, 2024

It gives us great pleasure in inviting you to the 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders-Asia Pacific (AHAD-AP 2024) to be held on the 6th to 8th September 2024.

Workshops 2024:

  • Comprehensive Care of Haemophilia (5th September)
  • Musculoskeletal management of Haemophilia (6th - 7th September)
  • Haemophilia care and laboratory’s roles (6th - 7th September)


Upcoming Events


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HTCs in the Asia Pacific Region:


Address Anuradapura Teaching Hospital
Department of Haematology
Harischandra Mawatha
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
Contact & Designation Dr. K.A.D.S. Jayarathne (Consultant Haematologist)
Telephone No 025 2222261,
Email dilinis74@hotmail.com
Website Will be updated soon
Services available Day treatment center for giving factor viii, ix , vii, FEIBA, Vwf+factor viii,
Treating on demand , prophylaxis home therapy, ITI,
Maintaining patient data base through a computer operator.
Lab services – PT INR , APTT , Fibrinogen, mixing studies, factor assay viii, ix , vwf assay , ricof activity , inhibitor screening , inhibitor (Bethesda ) assay

Address Badulla Provincial Hospital
Department of Haematology
Provincial General Hospital, Badulla, Sri Lanka
Contact & Designation Dr.LS.Hettiarachchi (Consultant Haematologist)
Telephone No Will be updated soon
Email sandaruls8@gmail.com
Website Will be updated soon
Services available Will be updated soon

Reports & publications

Reports & publications
Regional publications
Reports & publications
Asia Pacific Hemophilia Working Group-Its role in enhancing haemophilia care Published as an abstract in ‘Haemophilia’ (The Official Journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia) Authors: Alison Street, Scott Dunkley, Hishamshah Ibrahim, M. Joseph John, Joyce Lam, Sukesh . Nair, Midori Shima, Huyen Tran, Raymond Wong, Renchi Yang, Alok Srivastava (On behalf of APHWG).
The abstract was also presented as an iPoster by Dr. Alison Street on behalf of the APHWG during the WFH Virtual Summit held on June 14-19 2020.
Haemophilia, Volume 26, Issue S4: Article No:MTD‐MP‐032 (322): Read More
iPoster Gallery:Click here to view the iPoster

Principles of haemophilia care: The Asia‐Pacific perspective
A review article published in ‘Haemophilia’ (the official journal of World Federation of Haemophilia) in February, 2018 and authored by S. Dunkley, J. C. M. Lam, M. J. John,R. S. M. Wong, H. Tran, R. Yang, S. C. Nair, M. Shima, A. Street, A. Srivastava for the Asia‐Pacific Haemophilia Working Group (AHADAP). Read More


AHADAP Annual Report 2017-2018 Read More

Regional publications
  • Haemophilia Treatment Center: A Stratification Model for Developing Countries: A Pilot Study from India’ Read More
  • Demographic profile of PwH in Punjab 2018 Read More